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  1. Bible Living
  2. The Meaning of Ezekiel’s Vision
  3. Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures

In the tenth chapter, he has another vision, which sheds further light on the things he perceived [III, 3].

Suggestions for Teaching

Other things that Ezekiel clarified in chapter 10 include that the Ofanim were spherical verse 13 and that they involuntarily moved in whatever direction their heads faced verse Another detail about the Ofanim that Ezekiel did not mention earlier is that the Ofanim had bodies with flesh, backs, hands, and wings verse 12 , none of which were mentioned earlier. We also see from chapter 10 that each Cherub was assigned an Ofan verse 9 , that each Cherub was fourfold in nature inferred from verses and that each Ofan was likewise fourfold in nature verse Ask the class to follow along, looking for what the Lord commanded Ezekiel to do with the scroll.

Invite students to report what they find.

Ezekiel's Vision

What do you think eating the scroll represents? One possible explanation is that eating the scroll represents Ezekiel internalizing the word of God and making it a part of his life [see Ezekiel ]. Summarize Ezekiel —14 by explaining that the Lord commanded Ezekiel to speak His words to the people.

Explain that the Lord used an analogy to help Ezekiel understand his mission and role as a prophet. To help students understand this analogy, invite them to imagine they live in an ancient city. Divide students into groups of two or three, and invite each group to make a list of ways they would fortify their city against enemy attacks.

Ask a few students to share their lists with the class.

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Invite a student to read Ezekiel aloud. Ask the class to follow along, looking for what the Lord likened Ezekiel to.

Bible Living

Show students a picture of a watchman on a tower, or draw a simple illustration of one on the board. Display a picture of the current President of the Church. How are the responsibilities of a prophet similar to those of a watchman? How might prophets be like watchmen for us?

The Meaning of Ezekiel’s Vision

Students may use different words, but help them identify a principle similar to the following: If we heed the warnings of prophets, we can be prepared to face challenges and dangers that threaten us. Consider writing this principle on the board and inviting students to write it in their scriptures next to Ezekiel Eyring of the First Presidency:. According to President Eyring, why are prophetic warnings so important for us to follow today? What are some warnings prophets have given us recently? Also consider sharing a few statements of warning delivered by prophets at recent general conferences.

Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures

Ask students to pick a warning listed on the board. Invite them to ponder and then respond to the following question:. Invite students to review at home the most recent addresses from the President of the Church and sections of the For the Strength of Youth booklet. See Mishnah Megillah Still, asking just exactly what Ezekiel had seen is asking the wrong question altogether. The prophet had an overwhelming experience that he tried to convey to others.

As a descriptive exercise, his attempt failed for his words could not manage to convey with any sense of clarity what his spiritual eye had seen.

go here But, unwittingly perhaps, he thereby suggested to his contemporaries, and the thousands of others who studied his words, that the Presence of God is forever beyond human description.