The Sunset of Big Oil

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  2. Midway-Sunset Oil Field
  3. Sunset Industry? – Murray Gingras
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This segment includes refinery processing, oil products and chemicals. Formed in after the merger of Exxon and Mobil, the US multinational oil and gas company is one of the largest refiners in the world. A descendant of Standard Oil, established by John D.

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Rockefeller in , ExxonMobil has evolved over the last years from a regional marketer of kerosene in the U. Their public profile took a hit in with the Valdez oil spill when Founded in, Total's activities cover the entire oil and gas chain.

Total has a very diverse portfolio across difference resource themes with a strong presence in LNG, particularly due to exposure to Australian LNG. Total has produced oil and gas for almost a century and has also branched into renewable energies and electric power.

Midway-Sunset Oil Field

Fortune 50 company, Valero, is an international manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels and petrochemical products based in Texas. Formerly know, as Valero Refining and Marketing company, Valero was founded in Although a private company, the majority shares of the company are owned by the Russian government. Following major reforms initiated by President Vladimir Putin, the company saw a shift in management personnel and policy and later sales by its major subsidiaries resulted in the Russian government gaining the controlling share in the company. Major U. Phillips 66 has over years in the sector, but its recent branding can be traced back to when Conoco and Phillips merged to become Conoco Phillips, resulting in the third-largest company in the US.

Phillips 66 emerged from ConocoPhillips' midstream and downstream businesses to create a publicly traded company in Now, the energy company has 14, employees, 13 refineries and 64, miles of pipeline - displaying a bright future and impressive ability to gain mainstream traction. Additional mentions. Want to Learn more about the Oil and Gas Industry? Checkout out our guides. Statista, Macrotrends, Financesonline.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. That long lead time on large-scale projects is one of the reasons the IEA remains concerned about whether the industry can provide enough crude to meet demand in the early part of the next decade if shale output begins tapering off as anticipated. While the world remains awash in oil right now, that might not be the case a few years from now.


If oil demand grows as much as anticipated, there might not be enough fuel in the shale growth tank to both offset the decline of legacy wells and meet this growing need for crude. Oil companies therefore must start work now on longer-term projects that will come online around the time shale could run out of gas. If they wait too long, the world could find itself short of the fuel it needs, which could potentially cause another super-spike in crude prices.

That's why investors with an eye toward the future should watch industry investment levels -- it could have significant future ramifications. Matthew is a senior energy and materials specialist with The Motley Fool.

Sunset Industry? – Murray Gingras

You can follow him on Twitter for the latest news and analysis of the energy and materials industries: Follow matthewdilallo. Matthew DiLallo. Mar 25, at AM. Article Info. Russia and a plethora of Eastern European countries are failing to meet their targets for expanding domestic gas production, according to GlobalData. Since the emergence of oil industry in mid-nineteenth century, the energy source has offered a bountiful supply of power, triggered wars and reshaped geo-politics with various countries competing to control its supply.

It has been used as fuel for our transport, to generate electricity to light our homes, run factories and machines, as a raw material to produce fertiliser to increase food production and produce plastics used all over the world. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves of any country in the world, with more than billion barrels of proven reserves. In , the country surpassed Saudi Arabia to top the list of countries having the largest oil reserves.

Big oil refinery in a sunset

However, the development of this huge reserves has taken a backseat due to political unrest over the past few years. Its oil capacities are estimated to account for a fifth of global conventional reserves, with a significant part of its reserves being present in few of its very large oil fields. With proven oil reserves of billion barrels, Canada stands at the third position in the oil holdings list. The province also holds a considerable amount of its conventional oil reserves, while most of its oil exports are sent to the US.

Its oil sands are a key contributor to growth in supply of liquid fuel in the world in the past few years. Over the past few decades, however, its production has been hampered by political unrest, ongoing war with Iraq and a lack of significant investments, among others. Russia has 80 billion barrels of oil reserves, with a major part of them located in Siberian plains.