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Europa's fairy book New York; London: G. Putnam's sons. Hungarian stamp, Fairy Tales Series.

Aschenputtel; Darstellung von Alexander Zick - Hermann Vogel Philip and Robert Grotiogann Leynveber, before Collection items Cinderella 27 Jul Roger Wilson reading the Grimm version of the fairy tale. Snow White 27 Jul Rapunzel 27 Jul The Moon 27 Jul Hansel and Gretel 27 Jul The world of faerie captures our imaginations from childhood and often keeps its sparkling hold.

At Dragonspace, we pride ourselves on housing fairies of all kinds, from the dainty forest sprites we see in storybooks to ethereal goddesses and Gothic princesses.

Present och samlarartiklar från Bradford Exchange Sverige

Each fairy has her own unique personality, so take your time when browsing our fairy collections. These lovely waterglobes depict magical little scenes inside a glass ball.

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When shaken, the ball fills with soft glitter the texture of sand. Two black triangles drip from her View full product details. Fairy Houses by Sally J. Smith A fanciful flower-roofed palace in an enchanted autumn wood. A cozy stone hut topped with emerald moss.

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A charming summer gazebo set amid a bright flowering glade. A cozy holiday retreat nestled in the Sofya is a vision of purity and grace.

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Her wings are the real feature of the piece, rising glorious This beautiful piece is a celebration of motherhood and new life. She's painted in shades of purple, a colour symbolising creativity and spirituality. Your treasures will be kept safe inside this sturdy trinket box guarded by a friendly fairy.

Rose The Fairy Collection

This beautiful statue is an explosion of wintery contrasts. They are ideal for adding to summer flower arrangements, flowers are individually small, but form double petals in large clusters giving a big impact. One of each supplied Red, Pink and White. Bare rooted plants supplied. Rose The Fairy Collection. Mature Height 40cm Mature Spread cm.

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Soil Type Fertile, well drained soil Pruning Trim to size as required, once dormant. It is best to plant roses in winter or early spring, provided there is little frost.

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To plant, dig a hole large enough to take the roots when fully outspread. Distribute the roots evenly around the hole and put in a little fine soil to which has been added a small amount of bonemeal. Fill in a further 5cm of ordinary soil over the roots and tread in firmly.

It is vital that roses are planted firmly, to ensure that winds will not damage or disrupt the roots. Can be pruned back to remove any dead wood or growth.