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Crossbones, having retrieved the biological weapon, escaped the building with his henchmen.

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Black Widow fails to defeat Crossbones. Black Widow gave chase on a motorcycle. She defeated Crossbones' agents with relative ease, but was grabbed by Crossbones himself, her Bite ineffective against his armored suit. Crossbones, claiming that his allegiance was no longer to HYDRA , threw Black Widow into a truck containing two of his agents, tossing a grenade inside and closing the roof.

Black Widow incapacitated the agents and escaped the truck when the grenade blew. Crossbones gave the chemical his agents, ordering them to split up. This prompted the Avengers to chase them around Lagos. Black Widow reached them and held them at gunpoint; however, one threatened to drop the chemical. Black Widow killed one of them and the Redwing drone killed the other. Black Widow caught the vial before it hit the ground, thanking Falcon as she left the area. Though Falcon insisted that she thank the drone, Black Widow refused. The battle ended with a blast accidentally caused by Scarlet Witch , which killed several civilians.

The Avengers meet with Thaddeus Ross. In the wake of their mission in Lagos , the Avengers were presented summoned to a meeting by Thaddeus Ross , who proposed the Sokovia Accords , which would put them under the direct command of a panel of the United Nations. Ross explained while, their were many who were grateful for the heroic actions of the Avengers, some deemed the members of the organization dangerous and believed the Accords would establish sanctions and oversight of the group.

The Avengers fight over the Sokovia Accords. Romanoff debates the Sokovia Accords. After everyone else left, Rogers stayed behind alone in the church. Romanoff approached him and listened as Steve claimed how he initially assumed that everyone he knew was deceased after he awoke from the ice, but later found that Peggy was still alive.

Romanoff informs Rogers about the status of the Sokovia Accords. Romanoff condoled him and said that Carter had his back. He asked her who else had signed the Accords, so she replied that Stark, James Rhodes and Vision had all signed. She asked Rogers if he would reconsider his decision to not sign the Accords, saying that the Avengers should stay together regardless of how. He, as she expected, still refused and she admitted she was there as a friend to support him as he mourned the loss of Carter. Romanoff meets Prince T'Challa. She also met his father, T'Chaka ; to him, she gave her condolences for the death of the Wakandan citizens in Lagos.

During the conference, a bomb was activated , killing T'Chaka. The authorities suspected that Bucky Barnes was responsible for the bombing from security tapes showing the man responsible. Romanoff speaks with Steve Rogers. Outside the building, Romanoff apologized for T'Challa's loss and promised him that the task force would catch Barnes, but T'Challa said that he would kill Barnes himself.

Steve Rogers called her and asked if she was fine and Romanoff responded positively, asking Rogers to stay out of the case with Barnes, or he might make things worse. However, Rogers insisted that he should be the one who to bring Barnes in since he would not die by trying it. He hung up the phone, and Romanoff knew he went to defend Barnes. Romanoff in the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre. There, Romanoff told Rogers that what he had done had made things worse.

However, Rogers began to suspect the psychiatrist was involved somehow with the setup of Barnes. Romanoff is strangled by the Winter Soldier. During Barnes' psychological assessment, a power failure occurred. Barnes freed himself and tried to escape; however, Romanoff, Tony Stark and Sharon Carter engaged him. Romanoff was strangled by Barnes. As he attempted to finally kill his enemy once and for all, Romanoff claimed that at least he recognized her from their last encounter during the Battle of Washington, D.

Romanoff recruits T'Challa. However, Barnes escaped, but she and Stark knew Barnes was most likely with Rogers, who, along with Wilson, had also escaped custody. Thaddeus Ross gave Stark thirty-six hours to bring them in. Stark asked Romanoff if Hulk could assist them, but Romanoff knew that even if he was here, he would probably not be on their side. To get the fugitives in time, Romanoff approached T'Challa to ask for his help, promising she would help him find Barnes, despite engaging in a brief confrontation with Ayo , who initially demanded her to move away from T'Challa, but was dismissed by her King, who explained that Romanoff was an ally.

Black Widow confronts Captain America. When Captain America headed for a helicopter, he was stopped by Iron Man, and then surrounded by his team. Black Widow approached and asked Captain America to think about what was going to happen, and if he wanted it to turn into violence, rather than surrendering. However, Captain America's team then ambushed them, and they began to clash. Black Widow found herself fighting against Ant-Man , who was hesitant to hurt her, which she assured him not to stress about as he didn't stand a chance against her.

Black Widow then attacked Ant-Man and gained the upper hand in their fight; however, he suddenly shrunk down and threw her to the ground and began to pin her arm. As a response, she used her bite to knock him away, freeing herself. Black Widow during the Clash of the Avengers.

Black Widow was able to evade the explosion, but was still knocked to the ground. Becoming frustrated by their opponents refusal to surrender, Black Widow checked back with Iron Man to ask if this was all apart of the plan, for which he claimed they were only going easy on them, causing them to now going to change up their approach to be more aggressive.

Black Widow alongside Iron Man 's team. The two teams then stood before each other, and when the opposing team began to approach, Black Widow sarcastically and exhaustedly stated that it was going to end well. They then followed in moving forward so that they were both then charging at each other at full force. As the two sides collided together, a battle erupted with Tony's team fighting Steve's team so as to prevent them from escaping to Siberia.

When the collided, Black Widow found herself fighting Ant-Man again, dodging his attacks and kicking him when he returned to regular size, thus defeating him.

Black Widow movie release date

She then threw his whole body to the ground, concluding their fight. Black Widow then moved on and came into contact with Hawkeye , and engaged in a fierce fight with him. The two used their combat skills and weapons to fight each other, until Hawkeye threw her to the ground. He then pinned her on the ground, and the fight was paused when she asked whether they were still best friends in spite of the current conflict , which he jokingly assured depending on how hard she hit him.

Black Widow is thrown aside by Scarlet Witch. At that moment, Black Widow then got the upper hand, wrapping her legs around Hawkeye and threw him aside, due to him holding back. When she then went to kick him in the face to finish him, she was suddenly immobilized by Scarlet Witch , saving Hawkeye.

Unable to fend off Scarlet Witch's abilities, Black Widow was then launched into a luggage vehicle and was knocked out. After coming to, Black Widow climbed on top of a jet bridge, where she witnessed the fight continue, to her displeasure. Black Widow witnesses the fight continue. No longer wanting to participate in the fight with those she cared about, she made her way to the hangar to guard the Quinjet , as it was the only way of escape.

Knowing Steve, she knew that he would never surrender, and that there was no point in fighting them, so she decided to let them go. However, Black Panther then appeared behind them and was about to apprehend them, when she used her Bite to hold him back, tasering him. Captain America and Winter Soldier then made their way onboard the Quinjet, as Black Widow continued to stall Black Panther, hitting him with her Taser Disks whenever he broke free of them.

However, he was able to get past her, but it was too late, as they had escaped in the Quinjet, leaving the airport. She told Black Panther that she would help him find them, not capture them, seeing a difference in that. Moments before the end of the fight at the airport , James Rhodes crashed on the ground due to Vision's misfire. They all headed to Columbia University Medical Center , where Rhodes was treated, and Romanoff met up with Tony Stark , and the two went to talk privately. Romanoff is updated on James Rhodes. Stark informed her on Rhodes' current state, which she then addressed how Steve Rogers wasn't going to stop, meaning what happened to Rhodes was a best case scenario.

However, Stark called Romanoff out for letting Rogers and Bucky Barnes go, which she defended with saying that they approach the whole incident wrong. Stark then began to insult Romanoff, calling upon her former days of being double agent. Romanoff then called Stark out for letting his ego cloud him.

Stark then told her that T'Challa had told Thaddeus Ross of her betrayal, giving her a halfhearted warning that the government would come to arrest her. However, Romanoff stated that she wasn't the one that needed to watch her back, but rather Stark, due to the loss of allies his created due to how he had chosen to act during the whole incident, not trying to keep his friends together. Romanoff then left Stark, and went on the run. Months later from going on the run [31] , Romanoff joined up with Rogers and Wilson. Infiltrating the terrorists, Rogers, Wilson, and Romanoff disabled the weapons and then left for Lebanon.

Black Widow fighting Corvus Glaive. Black Widow fights the Black Order. The three arrived just in time and fended off the Black Order members with great ease. While Captain America appeared behind a passing subway to distract Midnight, who attempted to finally finish off Scarlet Witch and Vision, Falcon immediately attacked her, kicking her into a cafe inside the train station.

Who is The Black Widow on 'The Masked Singer'?

Black Widow arrived moments later to assist in the fight. She appeared behind Corvus Glaive, who was attacked by Falcon, catching him by surprise and she managed to severly injure him using Proxima Midnight's spear. Romanoff watches Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive escape. Black Widow then claimed that the Avengers did not want to kill them but they would, Midnight taunted Black Widow that they will never get the chance again before retreating to their Q-Ship.

They then decided to head back to the New Avengers Facility to try to help Vision, who was also severely injured. Romanoff reunites with Bruce Banner. Thaddeus Ross , present at the compound via a holographic video call, ordered Rhodes to arrest her, Steve Rogers , Sam Wilson , and Wanda Maximoff , but he disobeyed the order, cutting off the call. As Rhodes welcome them back, Bruce Banner emerged, having been missing for over two years. Black Widow greeted Banner while Wilson commented that the meeting was awkward. The Avengers discuss Thanos 's plan. Banner then warned the Avengers about Thanos 's threat, informing them that Thanos recently obtained both the Power and Space Stone during the Massacre of the Xandarians and the Attack on the Statesman , as well as the fact that Thanos has an enormous army ready to invade Earth.

When asked about the others, Romanoff revealed to Banner that Clint Barton and Scott Lang were both on house arrests due to their involvement in the Avengers Civil War. The Avengers discuss saving Vision. Romanoff then listened as Vision suggested that he would sacrifice himself so as to destroy the Infinity Stone within him, only for Rogers and Maximoff to protest his statement.

Vision instead reminded that Rogers was willing to sacrifice his life. Banner related back to Tony Stark 's creation of J. Rogers then claims to know one place capable of doing that, Wakanda. The Avengers are greeted by the Wakandans. The Avengers then met Shuri , who explained how she planned on removing the stone from Vision. Black Widow meets with the Black Order. While the Avengers listened to Shuri 's method, Thanos ' army attempted to breach Wakanda 's shield, but was repulsed, forcing them to land outside the shield perimeter. Black Widow inquired where Corvus Glaive was; Midnight intimated that he was dead.

Midnight and Obsidian then initiated the Battle of Wakanda as they proceeded to released their army of Outriders. A great battle commenced after which T'Challa ordered the Dora Milaje to open up their defenses. The Black Order and Outriders swarmed the battlefield, attacking the Avengers. The Avengers became overwhelmed by the Outriders. However, the team and the Wakanda army were saved by the arrival of Rocket Raccoon , Groot , and Thor , who recently obtained his new weapon, Stormbreaker , from Nidavellir. The battle continued with the Avengers gaining the upper hand against Thanos' army.

Black Widow fights against Proxima Midnight. After facing off against the Outriders, Scarlet Witch was subdued by Midnight and was about to kill her, when Black Widow and Okoye intervened, preparing to face off against the alien warrior. Black Widow managed to fend off Midnight's attacks and then proceeded to fight back, outnumbering her. However, they were soon overwhelmed by Midnight's strength, and Black Widow was knocked out whilst Okoye was thrown to the ground.

Midnight then approached a subdued Black Widow and put a blade to her. Black Widow pinned by Proxima Midnight. When Midnight went to finish off Black Widow, only barely holding her back, Scarlet Witch used her powers to restrain Midnight and launch her into the path of one of Thanos' war machines, killing her, resulting in some of her blue blood being splattered across her face.

Black Widow, lying on the floor, commented that Midnight's blood was gross before getting up and continuing to fight against Thanos' army. Once Thanos finally arrived on Earth , Black Widow tried to stop him from obtaining the Mind Stone , but found that she and her allies were hopelessly outmatched by Thanos' use of the Infinity Gauntlet. Black Widow witnesses Thanos ' victory. Moments later, however, Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half of the life in the universe.

Despite being weakened by a fatal blow from Thor's Stormbreaker , Thanos transported to the Garden , leaving Black Widow as one of the survivors of the genocide.

Who is The Black Widow on 'The Masked Singer'? — Clues and Guesses

She had freed herself from Thanos' prison as she and her remaining allies could do nothing but accept their defeat. The Avengers sought out to hunt Thanos, using deep-space scans and satellites, only to have no results. Having discovered the Transmitter Pager in Atlanta that Nick Fury had activated prior to his death, the Avengers bypassed the pager's battery in order for it to continue to send out its signal.

As Rogers and Romanoff were witnessing reports on the aftermath of the Snap , Rhodes, who was monitoring the pager, informed the pair and Banner that the pager had stopped transmitting the signal. Romanoff tells the Avengers to track the signal. Rogers requested that they reboot the pager and resend the signal, only for Banner to respond that they had no idea what the signal was for. As Romanoff explained that Fury knew whom the signal was for and that she wanted to know who it was as well, she came face to face with Captain Marvel herself, who demanded to know where Fury was.

The Avengers , along with Pepper Potts stood outside and witnessed Stark exit the ship, along with Nebula. They all then gathered inside where Romanoff informed Danvers and Stark of the Snap and the effects that have occurred since. As they continued to talk about Thanos , Stark began to get angry because of the encounter he had with Thanos alone.

However, due to being in a weak state, he collapsed so Bruce Banner tended to him while the others waited. When Danvers decided to go out and find Thanos on her own, Romanoff stopped her, informing her that they work as a team. Romanoff learns of the Infinity Stones ' activity. Nebula then joined the conversation and informed them of Thanos' location, the Garden - a place that Thanos planned to retreat to after the Snap -, where Rocket Raccoon told them of a power surge that occurred two days ago.

They then began to discuss going after Thanos, where they planned to retrieve the Infinity Stones and bring everyone back, something that Romanoff felt they owed to those who were gone because of the Snap. The Avengers agree to ambush Thanos. As they continued to discuss the plan, Danvers told them that they would be successful because they had her this time, causing an annoyed War Machine to retort back at her.

As she claimed that there were many other planets in the universe which did not have a team like the Avengers, Thor , who had been silent for all of this, got up, and summoned Stormbreaker to prove she was worthy. Danvers did not blink and Thor exclaimed his fondness for her. With all the Avengers on board with the plan, they all suited up and boarded the Benatar. Rocket asked them not to throw up on his ship, having learned that they have never been to space, with the exception of Nebula.

When they arrived at the planet, Captain Marvel exited the ship to do recon while the others waited.

best of natasha romanoff

Romanoff with Steve Rogers before the attack. Black Widow saw Rogers look at his compass , and reassured him that the plan was going to work, to which he responded by saying he wouldn't know what to do if it didn't. Captain Marvel then returned and updated the Avengers that it was only just Thanos on the planet. They then began their ambush, with Captain Marvel bursting into his home, placing him in a headlock. Black Widow confronts Thanos in the Garden.

Thor then arrived and sliced off Thanos' left hand with Stormbreaker , releasing the Gauntlet and causing great pain to the Titan. Rogers, Black Widow, and Rocket Raccoon then entered the hut, and they were all shocked when they saw that the stones were no longer in the gauntlet.

Under interrogation, Thanos revealed that his most recent usage of the Infinity Stones had been to destroy them, ensuring that he could not be tempted to use them again and that the Snap could not be undone. The Avengers initially believed Thanos to be lying, so Black Widow demanded the location of the Infinity Stones , but Thanos assured them they were gone and that he was nearly killed because of it. Nebula addressed that while her adoptive father was many things, he was not a liar.

Thor then cut off Thanos' head, killing him. He then left, leaving a feeling of despair amongst them all. Losing all hope on bringing everyone back, over the next five years, each Avenger eventually moved on from this, Tony Stark starts a family, Steve Rogers holds support group meetings, Thor rebuilds Asgard on Earth , and Bruce Banner becomes a combination between his two sides. However, being alone all her life until she was a part of the Avengers, which she saw as her family, Romanoff continued the team, with Carol Danvers , Rocket Raccoon , Nebula , James Rhodes , and Okoye acting as members, operating on a bigger scale than they used to, helping reform the world back to normal after the Snap.

Romanoff during a meeting with the Avengers. In , Romanoff held a meeting with the Avengers, who were all at different locations, where she was provided with updates on what they were each doing. When the meeting concluded, Romanoff reminded them that the channel would always be open if there was ever a problem. Rhodes stayed on the channel, telling her that he was in Mexico , still following Barton, telling her that after witnessing the scene he had left, he was not sure if he even wanted to find Barton.

Romanoff cries about Clint Barton. However, Romanoff asked if he could keep looking anyway. When he left, Romanoff began to cry over the thought of her best friend until Rogers entered the room. Rogers, noticing his friend was in distress, attempted to comfort her, but she stopped him from telling her to look on the bright side by jokingly threatening to hit him with her sandwich.

When Rogers sat down, the two began to discuss moving on, something Rogers had been telling others, but was not reciprocated by them. Romanoff pointed out that if she didn't lead the Avengers, no one would, something Rogers believed might be fine. However, Romanoff told him that she used to have nothing in her life until she became an Avenger, giving her a family and making her better. She then addressed that even though people are gone, she was still trying to be better, which Rogers then stated that they both needed to get a life.

Romanoff learns about the Quantum Realm. Suddenly, an alert appeared for the front entrance camera, so Romanoff opened it revealing Scott Lang to be standing outside. They then let him inside, where he asked them if they studied Quantum Physics , which Romanoff said she was, only for conversation. Romanoff listens to Scott Lang 's theory. Lang then told them about how he got trapped in the Quantum Realm five years ago due to the Snap. Lang then revealed that for him, it was actually five hours in the Quantum Realm.

Rogers then tried to get Lang to clarify what he was saying, which was that time works differently in the Quantum Realm, but there is no way to navigate it. He proposed the idea to control the Quantum Realm, entering at one point in time and exiting out another. Romanoff visits Tony Stark. However, none of them knew how to handle this idea, so they decided to visit Tony Stark , who was living a normal life with his family. They drove to his house and sat down with him to discuss Lang's idea, but Stark was opposed to it.

Romanoff told Stark that they had to try, but he continued to refuse. Stark then left them when his daughter came out, causing them to leave without his help. Rogers then suggested another brain they could use to help them, Bruce Banner. Romanoff meets up with Bruce Banner. The three then met up with Banner in a diner, who explained to Lang his new transformation into a mixture of Banner and the Hulk.

They were then interrupted by some kids who wanted a picture with Banner, and when they left, Banner informed them that Time Travel was outside his area of expertise, but Romanoff reminded him that he was able to merge his two personas, something that seemed impossible before. He then agreed to help them, and they returned to the facility to work on navigating the Quantum Realm to ensure time travel. When Banner mentioned not wanting something to go wrong and have Lang stuck in the past, Romanoff said he was joking, but Banner was unsure of that, due to the uncertainty of the experiment.

Banner set the machine up to send Lang back a week and bring him back in ten seconds. Romanoff tries to return Scott Lang to his age.

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  • Who is The Black Widow on 'The Masked Singer'? — Clues and Guesses.

They then activated the machine, which sent Lang into the Quantum Realm, and when they brought him back, he was a child. Banner then tried to fix this error by sending him back, but when he returned he was an old man, followed by a third try which brought Lang back as a baby. Banner then told Romanoff to kill the power on his signal, which successfully returned Lang to his normal age. After their failed experiment, Stark arrived at the facility having figured a way to perform time travel successfully.

He then agreed to help them, and they began to get the Avengers back together. Romanoff went to Tokyo in search for her best friend, Barton, having discovered that is where he was. She made her way to Barton's location, to be confronted with him ruthlessly murdering Yakuza boss Akihiko.

Romanoff reunites with Clint Barton. When Barton became aware of her presence, he told her that she should not be there, which she replied neither should he. Barton told Romanoff he had a job to do, but she told him that it wouldn't bring his family back. She then revealed their plan to bring everyone back, but he told her to not give him hope, something he had lost which Romanoff wished she could have given him sooner.

She then held his hand to comfort him and the two returned to the facility. Romanoff checking on Clint Barton. With all the Avengers assembled once again, they began to work on creating the machine as Scott Lang prepared to test it. They finished the machine, but Clint Barton ended up being the one to test it, as Lang was not ready.

They all watched as Barton stood on the machine and then went into the Quantum Realm. A few seconds later, he was brought back, and Romanoff checked up on him. After telling her he was fine, he showed her a baseball glove he retrieved, revealing that their experiment had worked. Romanoff and Rocket Raccoon listen to Thor. With the means of transportation achieved, the team then began to discuss the Infinity Stones ' history.

They started with the Aether , watching on as Thor told them about it, but started to get off topic due to him not being in control of his emotions. Nebula then told them about the Soul Stone , which Thanos retrieved on Vormir by sacrificing her sister. Romanoff brainstorm the Time Heist. The Avengers complete the Time Heist. Hawkeye and Black Widow prepare to leave. The Avengers all then suited up in their Advanced Tech Suits and made their way to the platform, where Captain America gave them a speech about everything that had led up to that moment and how this was their only opportunity to change what had happened.

Bruce Banner then activated the machine, as Black Widow told them she would see them in a minute, and they all were transported to the Quantum Realm , where they each traveled to their designated time. Black Widow and Hawkeye leave Morag. Black Widow, Hawkeye , War Machine and Nebula all successfully arrived in on Morag , where they enlarged the Benatar and waited for Nebula to lower the space pod.

On the desolate planet, Black Widow was seen kicking an Orloni creature who approached her. Hawkeye then asked them to hurry up as their time was limited. Black Widow and Hawkeye then boarded the Benatar and said goodbye to War Machine, who asked them to watch over each other. Black Widow and Hawkeye travel to Vormir. They then departed Morag and headed to Vormir , to retrieve the Soul Stone , using the coordinates Nebula provided them on the ship.

As they traveled to Vormir, the two best friends enjoyed the sight of space travel, laughing with each other, as Hawkeye mentioned that they had gone through so much since being S. Black Widow and Hawkeye arriving at Vormir. They soon arrived at the planet, which amazed Hawkeye, saying that what they were doing would be awesome if not for the circumstances.

They then made their way through the planet, climbing up the mountain, which they found to be exhausting. Black Widow pointed out the physical effort of their mission by stating that Rocket, who she referred to as a raccoon, wouldn't have had to climb a mountain, which Hawkeye stated that technically he was not a raccoon, but she didn't care. When they made it to the top of the mountain, they were greeted by the Red Skull who alarmed them, causing them to draw their weapons at him. Black Widow draws her weapon at Red Skull. Schmidt, who had revealed Black Widow's father 's name and Hawkeye's mother 's name, informed them that he was a guide for those seeking the Soul Stone , so Black Widow demanded that he show them where it was.

However, he informed that it is never that simple. They learned that the stone was at the bottom of the cliff, and that they had to make a sacrifice of what they love for the Soul Stone. Upon learning about the price to pay for the Soul Stone , Black Widow and Hawkeye took a moment to let the severity of the situation sink in. Black Widow sat down as she contemplated doing whatever it takes to retrieve the stone, while Hawkeye voiced his disbelief.

Black Widow discusses the Soul Stone. She then remembered how Nebula told them that Thanos killed Gamora on Vormir , meaning the sacrifice was legitimate. They then repeated what Captain America had said before their mission "whatever it takes", before accepting that one of them needed to sacrifice themselves for the stone.

Hawkeye decided that he would make the sacrifice, holding Black Widow's hand to comfort her in their final moments. Black Widow tries to convince Hawkeye. However, she then reciprocated the same gesture, making him realize that she intended on sacrificing herself. They then argued over which one it should be, neither wanting to willingly let the other die. Black Widow attempted to make her case, saying this is what she had been working towards all these years since the Snap occurred, and that she did not want Hawkeye to die.

She also noted that if they did nothing, all victims of the Snap would stay dead. However, Hawkeye told her he should do it, as he saw himself as too far gone, which she assured him that he is more than his worst moments. However, when he told her that she should not try and give him a chance, she responded to the fact that he gave her a second chance when they first met on his kill mission.

She also claimed that she did not judge people based upon their worst mistakes in life. They then took a moment to embrace each other's friendship, resting their heads on one another, until Hawkeye took her off guard and threw her down so he could sacrifice himself. He told her to tell his family, when they were brought back, that he loved them. However, Black Widow gained the upper hand and threw him down, deciding to make the sacrifice herself. She hit him with her bite , causing him to get shocked. Black Widow tells Hawkeye to let her go.

As she made a run for the cliff, Hawkeye ripped off the Taser Disk , drew his bow, and fired an explosive arrow near her, causing her to be thrown away from the cliff. He then made it for the cliff and jumped off, but Black Widow also jumped and grabbed him, shooting a grapple and attaching it to him, so he wouldn't fall, forcefully sacrificing herself. However, Hawkeye was able to grab onto her, but could not pull her up, without both of them falling. He got mad at her for stopping him from sacrificing himself.

She asked him to let her go, knowing that there was no other way, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He desperately tried to get her to not do it, not letting go of her, as he did not want his best friend to die, but she felt the exact same and forced him to let go. Hawkeye cried as he watched Black Widow fall to her death , helpless to do anything else. With the sacrifice being made, Hawkeye then obtained the Soul Stone.

The Avengers then returned to , having successfully obtained the Infinity Stones , while Clint Barton had returned and silently fell to his knees when asked about Romanoff by Bruce Banner. The others then deduced that she had sacrificed herself, causing their initial celebration to perish. The original Avengers all gathered outside to mourn the loss of their friend, with Tony Stark asking if she had any family they had to inform.

Steve Rogers retorted that they were her family, something she had told him earlier. When Thor questioned why they were acting like she was dead, believing that they could bring her back with the stones, Barton told them that it could not be undone. He then became angry over the death of his best friend, remarking that it should have been him. Banner came to terms with her death, and declared that her death would not be for nothing. The team then began constructing a Nano Gauntlet to control and contain the Infinity Stones. Banner used the Gauntlet to reverse the Snap , successfully restoring the lives of the individuals who perished five years ago , though Romanoff could not be revived despite Banner's hopes.

Barton told her that he wished there was a way for him to let her know that they were successful and her sacrifice meant something. Maximoff comforted him by saying that she knew, as well as Vision. The entirety of Romanoff's character is hard to distinguish based on how she lies and tricks people for a living. She was capable of convincingly portraying friendly and flirtatious, timid, vulnerable and scared. For the most part, she was a level-headed, strong-willed and independent woman.

Romanoff normally maintained a controlled, almost emotionless persona to keep whatever she was thinking a secret unless she was around people she absolutely trusts. Although she was more than willing to rush into deadly battle and other unnerving missions for S. However, she was no longer afraid of him due to falling in love with Bruce Banner. Though a very serious agent, Romanoff was by no means stuffy and has a sarcastic sense of humor, which mostly surfaces when she was with Captain America or Hawkeye , both of whom she was comfortable around.

Romanoff was very smart and loyal which was displayed when she made good on the debts she owed Barton and Rogers saving the former from Loki 's mind control and trying to protect the latter during a highway assault. While tough and at times ruthless, she was still a good person and can be quite heroic in her own right.

These qualities are usually brought out by her other Avengers , mainly her missions with Steve Rogers. And no matter how injured she was in battle, Romanoff will go out her way to make sure bystanders are out of harm's way keeping several S. Her close loyalty to both Rogers and Barton was shown in the Avengers Civil War , as she was willing to aid their faction despite being forced to go on the run from the United Nations afterward. As a result of her childhood, she considered the Avengers her family, being desperate to keep them together when the Sokovia Accords were due to be signed and was affected when Tony Stark denounced her as a friend and made it clear he would not help her in the future.

She was further shocked and saddened when Barton following the loss of his family became more ruthless and violent when she encountered him in Tokyo. Romanoff was also very close with Clint Barton 's family, especially with his and Laura Barton 's only daughter, Lila , being the only member of Avengers who knew of their existence. Romanoff was genuinely affectionate with the child, hugging her the moment they reunited and sweetly commended the little girl on the drawing she made. They originally named their youngest child after Romanoff prior to them discovering that it was, in fact, a boy, thus naming him Nathaniel instead, with Romanoff humorously referring to the unborn child as a "traitor".

This was further proven in Vormir where she refused to let Clint sacrifice himself, knowing how much he meant to his family and vice-versa and died instead because she had little to lose. Romanoff was sterilized as a rite-of-passage for her graduation from the training she underwent in the Red Room under the supervision of Madame B. This event deeply affected her, as she regretfully told Banner of the so-called advantages of the procedure.

Despite her lifestyle of espionage and operating within the shadows, Romanoff's adaptability influenced her opinions on the Sokovia Accords. Realizing the difference between S. This care for Captain America eventually caused Romanoff to betray Stark's team and assist their escape so they could clear Barnes' name, eventually becoming a fugitive because of this. Black Widow electrocuting Black Panther.

Romanoff fighting against the Ultron Sentries. Romanoff takes aim at Crossbones ' men. Black Widow using the Chitauri Staff in battle. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. At the end of a long day, sometimes the best way to feel like you're living your best life is with some comfy PJ's, a glass of wine, and gratuitous reality television. In our series "Not-So-Guilty Pleasures," we remove the "guilt" and break down the latest happenings in your favorite TV indulgences. The second episode of The Masked Singer aired Wednesday night, and while several costumed characters took the stage, one really stood out: the Black Widow.

After all, the sultry spider belted out Whitney Houston. But who is behind the bedazzled duds? Here's everything we know about the Black Widow. In her pre-performance package, the Black Widow hinted at her identity. There were also film canisters in her promo and peaches lots of peaches , meaning the unknown celebrity likely lives in or is from Georgia.

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